Pan African Heritage World

Our Own Story Shapes Our Future

The Dream

I welcome you to join this mission.

I have been inspired over the years by the wisdom of our ancestors that we Africans and people of African descent will restore and regain our dignity and pride if we learn our history told by our own people and work together to unite our African family.

Having grown up in Ghana during the Kwame Nkrumah era, and having been involved in Pan Africanist activities including chairing the PANAFEST in Ghana for 10 years, and having had the privilege of being Board Chairman of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust for another 10 years, I consider it a sacred obligation at this time in world history to create and lead a team to spearhead the establishment of a Pan African Heritage World. This Heritage World will include a Museum, a Herbal Plant Farm, an African Cultural Village depicting all great African Kingdoms, a Conference Center, and Grounds for African Festivals – indeed a rare space for historical enlightenment, a spiritual upliftment, and irrepressible inspiration, located appropriately in Ghana, the beacon of African liberation.

In establishing the African University College of Communications in Ghana in 2002, I was reminded by some of the nuggets in our ancestral wisdom: ‘A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like a tree without roots’, and more pointedly ‘Until the lions have their historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter’.

It needs no further analysis and teaching what our ancestors predicted: “No matter how long the night, there will be dawn”.

There could not have been a better time in world history for this project, and I personally invite you to join us on this journey.

Thank you for your support to help bring this vision into reality.

In Unity,

Kojo Yankah



“Without dignity there is no liberty, without justice there is no dignity, and without independence there are no free men”


– Patrice Lumumba

“I am not African because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.”


– Kwame Nkrumah

The Museum

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He who does not know,

can know from Learning

International Board of Trustees

  • Hon. Kojo Yankah – Founder 
  • Prof Ezra Aharone, Delaware State University, Delaware 
  • Rabbi Kohain Halevi (GH/USA) 
  • Dr Claire Nelson (Caribbean/USA) 
  • Amb. William Awinador-Kanyirige (GH) 
  • Amb. Nyahuma Obika (T & T) 
  • Mr Diallo Sumbry – (USA/Gh) 
  • Ms. Nana Ama Yankah (GH) 
  • Ms. Cherae Robinson (USA) 
  • Mr Hlumelo Biko (South Africa) 
  • Prof Magueye Kasse (Senegal) 
  • Ms. Samia Nkrumah (Ghana) 
  • Mr Abdel-Monem Fawzi-Moneir (Egypt) 
  • Ms Elaine Bannerman (UK)
  • Ms Marigold Akufo-Addo (Ghana)
  • Mr Bobby Benson Jr. (Nigeria)
  • Mr Ladi Nylander (Ghana)
  • Ms Brenda Joyce (USA/Ghana)
  • Dr Joseph Silver (USA)
  • Dr Colin Sentongo (Uganda)
  • Mr Ivor Agyeman-Duah (Ghana)
  • Mr. Bright Afful (AUCC Foundation)
  • Mr Nii Kwate Owoo (Ghana)
  • Dr Afia Zakiya (USA/GH)
  • Mr Kweku Opoku (GH)
  • Dr Francis Gbormittah (Ghana)
  • Mr Joseph Warungu (Kenya)
  • Mr Bobby Banson (Ghana) – Secretary